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Hey! I'm Marta Carvalho!  I'm from Portugal, but I live in London. 

I have a BA in Theatre – Acting (School of Music and Performance Arts – Porto), a degree in Speech and Language Therapy, and a Master Degree in Communication, Art and Culture (Minho University).

Back in Portugal, I've participated in several professional plays (both leading and supporting roles), including physical theatre and community-focused theatre. Collaborating with international companies, such as Mime Centre, I've performed in Portugal, as Sonoko, in the play “Yukio Mishima”. With The Republic Of Imagination, I was the Hoopoe in the “The Conference of the Birds” (an immersive theatre play) presented in Portugal and in a tour in Romania. I've toured three timed in Brazil with the plays “The desired”, “Enluarandas” and the Portuguese version of my one-woman show “Labyrinth of Love and Death”  (which toured additionally in Portugal and Spain).

I am passionate about education as well, having experience as a drama teacher and voice and movement coach for actors.

I moved to London in search of experiences to develop even further my profile as an artist. I have already participated in several short-movies, web-series, corporate films, music videos, theatre shows, and even a radio show. My performance in AEONIAN was reviewed as “...both stirring and tragic, adding an incredible physicality to the role that is impressive and unnerving.”.

Recently, I filmed two feature films in Portugal as co-lead (one, "The Night's Advices" was on Portuguese Cinemas last September), and had my debut in London as theatre show director with the play "Theatre of Life’s Riddikulusness”. 

I've also participated in R&D projects, namely the “Songs of the Chambermaids – Civilization and its Discontents”, where I've met the director Mark C. Hewitt, with whom I just collaborated for the English version of “Labyrinth". The Songs of ye Chambermaids had an artistic residence in Portugal in September.

In October, will film "Sweet Survival", produced by StrangerRivers Production (which I'm part of) in Vienna (Austria) region.

I am also the Coordinator of the Industry Programme at FEST - New Directors, New Films Festiv


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The Theatre of Life's Riddikulusness (director)

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